Is It Time To Use A Managed IT Service Provider?

Leveraging an external IT service provider to handle the operation of your IT environment has become more common as a way to augment internal teams. But how do you know if this is the right approach for your organisation? In this episode, the panel explores what drives the need for a managed service provider and how to determine if external resources will build more value for the business.

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Kon Kakanis
your host

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Meet the experts

Kon Kakanis
Managing Director
Kon is the Managing Director of Sundata and has over 40 years of experiences in IT. He has a focus on quality service delivery and helping clients navigate their way through their strategic IT decision. Kon works with his customers to bridge the communication gap between management and IT.
Scott Young
ICT Services Manager
Polaris Data Centre
Scott is an experienced manager with a diverse background across multiple facets of Information Technology, Data Centres, Service Delivery and Customer Relationship Management.
David Cole
IBM Enterprise Systems Specialist
David prides himself on designing IT solutions that provide real business outcomes for clients. His focus on Enterprise Systems and ERP platforms has helped him achieve improvements around performance, availability and resilience.

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