Why Linux Is A New Standard For Business

Linux is quickly becoming an operating system of choice for many organisations across different industries. This is being driven by a need to move fast and get services to market while ensuring everything stays up and running. In this episode, the panel looks at why Linux has become an enterprise standard OS for business, how to make migration as easy as possible, and the cost and performance benefits of deploying Linux on IBM Power.

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Kon Kakanis
your host

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Map out your journey to hybrid multicloud

Get the security and reliability necessary for an effective hybrid multicloud strategy with IBM Power Systems.

Meet the experts

Kon Kakanis
Managing Director
Kon is the Managing Director of Sundata and has over 40 years of experiences in IT. He has a focus on quality service delivery and helping clients navigate their way through their strategic IT decision. Kon works with his customers to bridge the communication gap between management and IT.
Martin Zierer
Director, IBM Synergy ANZ
Red Hat
Martin is passionate about helping organisations to harness the power of open source software to innovate, modernise and reduce costs of enterprise IT solutions to create business value. He leads a team of 20+ Solution Architects, Business Development and Pre-Sales Managers who cover the wide range of Red Hat’s production portfolio from infrastructure, virtualisation and application development to emerging technologies across Australia and New Zealand.
David Cole
IBM Enterprise Systems Specialist
David prides himself on designing IT solutions that provide real business outcomes for clients. His focus on Enterprise Systems and ERP platforms has helped him achieve improvements around performance, availability and resilience.

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