Understanding what is needed for legacy systems such as SAP HANA as well as the likely demands of Machine Learning, AI and IOT is our wheelhouse.

IBM and SAP: The power couple of digital business

The explosive growth in data accumulation and increasing complexities of queries will leave unprepared businesses stuck in the information stone age. Learn how your company can leverage the emerging data renaissance by implementing SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems as a joint solution.

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To get you started a systems review will assess current and future workloads within your organisation and may identify budget and business case support for reduced costs and other benefits.

Areas assessed include cloud and local infrastructure requirements, speed to deployment, ongoing operational costs, licensing costs and any other areas where IBM Power is proved to provide a lower total cost of ownership for SAP HANA and other modern workloads.

We identify emerging needs and provide a high-level plan to ensure that systems are optimised for performance and the achievement of key business outcomes.


SAP HANA & IBM Power Systems

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Ready to take advantage of 30 plus years of expertise in optimising workloads?


Sundata has over 30 years’ experience in optimising infrastructure for business applications.  Our approach reflects the twin demands of managing existing workloads as well as planning for future requirements of sometimes loosely determined specs! 

The success of our approach is reflected in the significant number of clients that utilise our expertise to manage infrastructure requirements for their key business applications and data.

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If you would like to chat further on how you can optimise your investment in SAP by reducing infrastructure costs, please give me a call on 07 3004 7333 or fill in your details above and I'll be in touch.

David Coles   |   IBM Enterprise Systems Specialist, Sundata

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